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Program - Justice & Law

A law must be understood by the majority it concerns.
Laws may not be against the personal freedom or restrict the personal freedom of people or jeopardize their health.
At least every 10 years the laws have to be reviewed so that they are always up to date.
Validity and effectiveness of laws
Laws can only become valid and effective if they have the consent of the people, otherwise they are invalid.

Usually in doubt for the defendant, however, in cases of violence in doubt against the defendant.
It should be prevented under all circumstances that perpetrators can commit further acts.
There should be no impunity for minors, each person is responsible for his actions.

Penalties should be working hours that can be paid off (in% of assets and income) or worked off (closed centers).
Penalties for acts of violence always have to be worked off.
No death penalty: Death is not a punishment and no government has the right to kill people.

Prisons must not be privately owned.
Prisons are only intended as detention centers for investigations and violent people.
Non-violent people and people willing to improve should be kept in closed institutions for expansion of consciousness, education, training and work.
Dangerous people and people unwilling to improve should be kept in lawless closed areas where they can move freely and take care of their own needs.

Version Oct. 28th, 2018

"If the smart are not willing to engage in politics they are punished by being ruled by someone worse"
"The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men" (Platon 427-347-C)
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