We All League
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Driven by selfishness and greed, a small group of people ruins our planet.
We are at the edge of a dump. Either we fall into the chaos or we are smart enough to act.
We do not wait for those in power, who often have disappointed us. Do we prefer to do something ourselves.
Peace Nobel Prize winner Prof. Mohan Munasinghe

How it is:
How it should be:
A world where profit is most important
Extreme fortunes, extreme poverty
Debts for interests
No income, poverty
The working poor, working slaves
Wars, violence, criminals
Energy production polluting the earth
Agriculture poisoning the soil, unhealthy food
To pay for health care and education
Environment and nature, health and common good are most important
All are about the same wealthy
No debts, interest-free debts
Basic income to finance the basic needs, no poverty anymore
Fair wages
Living in peace and harmony, no criminals
Clean energy
Organic agriculture, healthy food
A free basic health care with natural medicine, free basic education

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"Humanity is going to need a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive" Albert Einstein
Debt is the money of the slaves. Social is what frees us from work and debt!