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How it is:
• A world where profit is most important
• Extreme fortunes, extreme poverty
• Debts for interests
• No income, poverty
• The working poor, working slaves
• Wars, violence, criminals
• Energy production polluting the earth
• Agriculture poisoning the soil, unhealthy food
• To pay for health care and education
More details about the present systems

How it should be:
• Environment and nature, health and common good are most important
• All are about the same wealthy
• No debts, interest-free debts
• Basic income to finance the basic needs, no poverty anymore
• Fair wages
• Living in peace and harmony, no criminals
• Clean energy
• Organic agriculture, healthy food
• A free basic health care with natural medicine, free basic education

The 10 principles
Elimination of poverty for good
A free basic unconditional income for all persons, worldwide the same amount, financed by a complementary currency. More information about a basic income worldwide
Free ergency shelter, free nursing homes;
Homeownership financed by interest-free loans (repaid partly by inflation).
Rental apartments proposed for the long-term rental shall be sold to the tenants.
Rent law: No costs for the tenant at the beginning of the rental period except a deposit of maximum 1 month's rent and the rent.
Free basic health care and education
Free health care centers and hospitals where the staff are employees, with own production of medicine based on nature healing.
All people are permitted to use the health service for free, no health insurance needed anymore.
Free basic education for all children, new school subjects: health and ethics;
Education about a healthy lifestyle and diat that illness is hardly possible. Unhealthy food shall be taxed or prohibited.
A debt-free society or a society with interest-free debts
Governments: must have balanced budgets, already existing debt has to be eliminated or refinanced by interest-free debt. That a government is paying interests this is fraud to the people.
Companies: financing by shares and other interest-free debt only, interest-charging loans and bonds shall be prohibited; At all prices for goods and services 30 to 40% is for interest payments of the companies, so the goods and services of companies without debts can be 30 to 40% cheaper!
Persons: free basic income, interest-free overdraft if needed, conditions that everybody can become a homeowner financed by an interest-free loan.
Fair wages, easy conditions for entrepreneurs
Legal minimum wage, legal maximum wage (4 times the minimum), 30-hour-week;
Easy conditions for entrepreneurs to set up and operate a company (1 adult can register online, no minimum capital required, no bookkeeping required, easy finance without bank loans);
New patent system: Knowledge bank available to anyone for commercial use, contributions to the knowledge bank are financially rewarded.
A self-financing pension system (no subsidies from the government needed anymore);
Environmental care is most important
The earth and its environment are our most valuable goods, which we must preserve for our future generations. Presently we destroy the future of our descendants.
Poisoning the soil must not be permitted anymore, organic farming only.
Non-polluting production shall be obligatory. Just recycleable and biodegradable goods shall be produced. Limitation of the exploitation of the earth;
Energy from renewable energies only is possible and the only way that energy can be available for good.
Non-violent society, security and peace
Violence in our society must not be accepted anymore, violence of the state has to be eliminated too.
Regional security police against terrorist attacks and large violent groups, local police against violent persons;
Custody centers for investigations and violent people; enclosed institutions for education, training and work; enclosed areas for dangerous people where they can move freely;
Demilitarization (Wars between Nations must be history): no obligatory military service anymore, disbanding of the national armies, no presence of foreign military forces, no membership at military pacts;
Local secret defense forces against military invasion and occupation;
Wild animals which are a threat to people must be kept in enclosed areas.
Individual freedom
No one has the right to rule on others, we are all equivalent.
All laws must be reviewed regarding our individual freedom.
Penalties shall be working hours which can be paid (in % of assets and income) or can be worked off (closed centres).
Voting of persons not parties, permanent voting right
The people shall decide who are the political leaders and candidates, just voted political leaders are acceptable.
And the people must have also the power to remove a bad politician anytime (permanent voting right).
Political parties just destruct the political work and are not needed just costly.
Political leadership must be double-occupied; 1 man and 1 woman;
Automatic taxation system
Automatic income taxation: Credits to accounts are charged with a 10% income tax (except wages and others, personal free allowance).
Taxes on unhealthy products, pollutions and resource mining;
Wealth tax for the richest;
Independent self-determining municipalities
Real democracy just can work on a local level.
Monopolistic infrastructure must be owned by the municipality and not by for-profit companies.

In a democracy, revolution can be made at the ballot box, be part of it! We need you!
As long as the poor don't organize themselves they will be the slaves of the rich.

"If the smart are not willing to engage in politics they are punished by being ruled by someone worse"
"The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men" (Platon 427-347-C)
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